Property Management

Property Management

Under the guidance of Principal, Danelle Hunter, who is considered one of the industry’s top Property Manager’s, the Property Management team at Biggin & Scott Knox deliver an exceptional level of customer service which results in a 100% client retention rate.

The Biggin & Scott Knox property management team recognise that property management requires compromise and negotiation to achieve the mutual satisfaction of both tenants and landlords. We fully appreciate that we are managing our landlord’s biggest financial assets whilst also liaising with a tenant whose basic needs of shelter are being met by living in the property so both are incredibly important to a successful relationship. We take this responsibility very seriously and aim to overcome all challenges with compassion, empathy and practical ‘win win’ solutions.

We therefore follow the below strategies to achieve a mutually beneficial and happy relationship for both our landlords and tenants for all the properties we manage.


Our Property Managers are responsible for the full property management process including the initial leasing, ongoing management of the property and trust accounting. Essentially we provide a full spectrum service because it’s important for landlords and tenants to have one point of contact for their property.

From a client’s perspective, in our business, the person they meet initially will be the person they’ll be dealing with for every aspect of the process and many landlords and tenants choose us for that exact reason.


99% of Property Managers from within the industry turn off their mobile at 5pm and don’t respond to tenant or landlord queries until the next day. We have chosen to be the 1% who encourage regular contact and value communication with our clients. To ensure exceptional customer service, we have implemented a same day communication rule which stipulates that every single client who reaches out to our team will receive a response, either by email or a return phone call, on the same day.


We select tenants for our clients carefully and always check their references without fail. If we’re not 100% confident about an application, we tell our client as we believe it’s more important to have reliable, long-term happy tenants in a property through focusing on a long term win win solution for both tenants and landlords.


We have established a system which assists us in promptly following up any late payments. Part of this process includes an automatic issuing of a notice to vacate on the 15th day and an application to VCAT where required. We are consistently taking proactive action when it comes to arrears so our client’s investments are not compromised and our tenants are held accountable.


By setting up a compulsory direct debit option for tenants, we’ve helped to reduce the arrears for our landlords while simultaneously making payment easier for tenants through a systemised process which helps them to stay on top of their rental payments.


We have established a customer satisfaction survey to gauge the satisfaction of our landlords, which also provides an open line for feedback so we are able to continue to improve our offering based directly on their needs. We have a 95% satisfaction rate which is an outcome we are incredibly proud of and a testament to the effort we go to, to ensure the happiness of our clients.

Ultimately, our Property Manager’s go to extremes for our clients. In addition to leasing and managing properties, we assist with the setup of trust accounts, help organise renovations, help clients process insurance claims and pay bills on their behalf through their rent. We’ve even been known to clean a dirty property when a tenant wasn’t able to, to ensure the landlord was happy but also so our tenant could reclaim their bond. We are the 1% of the industry who will do what it takes to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Property management is our passion and we aim to demonstrate this in every landlord and tenant interaction our team undertakes.